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Kozacka Chatka: Humble Ukrainian Fare

At Uncut we don't believe the city centre is the only place worth eating out. That's we scour Wrocław's neighbourhoods every week, boldly going where no English guide book or newspaper has ever gone before. So far we've reviewed places in Grabyszinek, Śródmieście, Grundwaldski, Nadodrze and Borowska districts. Our latest review features Kozacka Chatka, a modest but cozy Ukranian restaurant near Kwiska tram stop.

Hidden away behind a tall tower block, as far as we are aware this humble venue is Wrocław's first dedicated Ukrainian eatery. Wejherowska street is not the sort of location you'd expect to find a foreign restaurant, and Kozacka Chata does seem a tad out of place. Not exactly the most beautiful of structures, the building somewhat resembles a motorway service station that's been dumped in a small park. That thought might make Kozacka Chatka seem about as alluring as a Disco Polo Karaoke night, but thankfully the negatives largely end there. And quite frankly, who cares how the building looks from outside once your indoors and tucking into your meal?

You might be suspicious that the dishes on offer at Kozacka Chata are merely Polish meals dressed up under Ukrainian names. Surely there couldn't be an authentic Ukrainian place this far from the centre? Take one quick look at the menu however, and you'll see that this is emphatically not the case. Kozacka Chata have an array of authentic Ukrainian dishes, including house specialties such as Barszcz Ukraiński and Pielmieni. On our visit we started off with a bowl of Barszcz, and then finished up with a plate of Czieburieki. The soup stays true to the traditional recipe, with a dollop of creamed dropped onto a tangy tomato broth containing onions, potatoes and beans. Czieburieki (deep fried dumplings stuffed with mince and finely chopped onion) are admittedly unhealthy, but also tasty and filling – an ideal compliment to Kozacka Chata's refreshing Ukrainian beers. 

As far as price is concerned, Kozacka Chata is certainly good value. Meals costs from 7-12zl, with garnishes to add for a further 3zl. With such decent grub on offer for low prices though, it's no surprise the paltry three tables inside this Ukrainian eatery are regularly occupied.

All in all, there's no disguising the fact Kozacka Chata isn't housed in the prettiest of locations. Nevertheless, that's all irrelevant once your inside with a cold beer and nice plate of traditional Ukrainian fare. The food is decent quality, cheap and a bit of a novelty in Wrocław. If you happen to be in the area then, you'd be foolish not to check it out.

Kozacka Chatka​, ul. Wejherowska 19a

Tel: 790 290 525,​

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