Upon entering Renoma, it is hard not to feel like a million dollars. Chic chandeliers, sleek all-glass storefronts, and a mesh of modern and historical design elements, all contribute to an experience that transcends a typical day at the mall.

Renoma is a befitting name as the mall’s history is quite “renowned” (as it translates in English). Built in only eight months, the department store opened its doors on April 2nd, 1930 and at the time was the largest department store in Europe. After being damaged and burnt during World War II, it was later reopened as a State Department Store. In 1977, it made the Register of Historical Monuments but only to be left abandoned in 1989. Then, in 2005, Centrum Development and Investments came onboard to preserve and refurbish the magnificent building, further tripling its size.

Today, the beautiful and streamlined structure hosts some of the most cutting-edge and à la mode brands: Guess by Marciano, Max Mara Weekend, Zara, Armani, and TK Maxx, to name a few. Catering more towards the high-end customer, the mall’s interior is extremely clean with no crowds or rambunctious visitors. Though the amount on most of the stores’ price tags may be intimidating to a bargain shopper, much satisfaction can be had just from simply enjoying the artfully crafted and arranged window displays. For the more serious shoppers who wish to take a timeout from the purchasing extravaganzas, an escape to Empik Bookstore on the third floor provides a perfect place to recharge while offering spectacular views of Wrocław’s Old Town District.

If you are looking for a shopping experience that avoids the litter and rubbish tracked in from the streets, low-budget and chintzy merchandise, and long lines at the cash register, then the lavish Renoma is the place for you!

Renoma, ul. Swidnicka 40

Tel: +48 71 772 58 20,

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Lauren Petersen
An Indiana girl at heart and a former miss Indianapolis, Lauren Petersen wrote a number of intriguing and insightful articles for Wroclaw Uncut during her time in Poland as Fullbright scholar.