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Park Południowy

Park Południowy, which translates to South Park, is located in the southern part of the city, as the name suggests. Founded in 1877 by Julus Shottlander, a wealthy Jewish merchant, the park was a gift to the local community. It could easily be dubbed Wrocław’s “Central Park” as it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

Park Poludniowy, WroclawUpon entering the park from the southwest, guests are greeted by an alcove of ivy-covered columns, which surround a bronze statue of Chopin that rests on a pedestal of stone steps. The statue commemorates the pianist and his visit to Wrocław in 1830.

Meander away from the monument, through the rows of benches, and you will find yourself at the water’s edge of the expansive pond. Surrounded by marshy vegetation, the lake is a popular destination for feeding the friendly ducks and enjoying the white noise of the bubbling fountains. The outdoor café, “Agawe”, offers beautiful views of the breathtaking gardens and expansive lake. There is even an unofficial, designated area on the far side of the lake for sunbathing. 

Patterned stone walkways and dirt trails create an extensive network of winding paths throughout the approximately 22.5 hectare park. When one comes to a cross point, it’s difficult to decide which way to go next, as each path provides for incredible and delectable scenery. Clusters of lavender rhododendrons serve as centerpieces for the exquisitely landscaped paths. The towering trees provide large areas of shade and the richness of the sap seeps into the pollen filled air.

Park Poludniowy, WroclawPlenty of wooden benches provide the perfect destination to rest, people watch, and take in the majesty of the surroundings. Some of the most magnificently singing birds spend their days showcasing their skills to the park’s visitors. For the most scenic views of the park’s happenings, be sure to visit the ornate iron bridge that spans the creek, or check out the pond’s observation platform lined by a decorative stone column railing.

Children can play as much as their little heart’s desire in the fenced-in area filled with jungle gyms, swings, slides, and toys; or they can run free in the enormous grass fields. It’s also very commonplace to see a slew of young mothers pushing strollers and corralling toddlers around. For a more rigorous hike, trek up the park’s large hill to reach a beautiful gazebo that soars towards the sky from the railway embankment.

Each area of this park offers many uses whether it’s a gentle stroll through the tree-lined paths, an afternoon of reading and relaxing on a bench, or an open field for sports and recreation. The landscape architecture of Park Południowy proves to be timeless as this Wrocław gem will always be a valued community gift. 


Lauren Petersen

An Indiana girl at heart and a former miss Indianapolis, Lauren Petersen wrote a number of intriguing and insightful articles for Wroclaw Uncut during her time in Poland as Fullbright scholar.

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