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Bierhalle opened on the Rynek a few years ago, immediately providing competition for fellow Rynek pub Spiż.

The beer on offer is largely similar, with pilsner, wheat, dunkel and honey varieties all a staple on the menu. The amber nectar itself is easily a match for its Rynek competitor, and although it may seem the least adventurous choice, the pilsner is actually the pick of the bunch. The honey beer is incredibly sweet, significantly more so than an equivalent British or American ale. Likewise, their wheat-beer is significantly more fruity than the traditional variety, delivering more than a hint of banana in its refreshing aftertaste.

Bierhalle's Rynek location is obviously a big attraction, which is unfortunately reflected in their slightly inflated prices (9/10zl for a large beer). The main gripe we have here are their unconventional 400ml measures – you just can't but feel its a sneaky way of ripping people off. On the plus side, Bierhalle's table service means there's no need to join an endless queue (although the speed of service can occasionally be a letdown). The main thing of course is that the beer itself is quality, and it's difficult to resist sitting down and watching life go by on Wrocław's buzzing market square.  

Bierhalle, Rynek-Ratusz 24

Tel: 601 677 452​,

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