• Pub Marynka: Craft Beer & Nibbles

    Pub Marynka: Craft Beer & Nibbles

    Nestled away in an often overlooked complex on Kazimierza Wielkiego, Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo i...

  • Slask Humiliated By Pogon

    Slask Humiliated By Pogon

    Śląsk Wrocław returned to their woeful form of last season against Pogoń Szczecin on Satur...

  • Anger Over Hala Stulecia Parking Fees

    Anger Over Hala Stulecia Parking Fees

    The soon to be open underground car park nearby Hala Stulecia has sparked anger after it w...

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Tower Of Babel International Meeting

July 31, 2014 - 18:45 / 00:00 Bunkier 42 (Basement of Chopper Bar & Hostel)

A weekly meeting of Wrocław folk from Poland and all around the world. Cool atmosphere, Czech beers for just 6zl and newbies welcome! You can usually find the regulars in the beer garden at Chopper Bar and Hostel, if not head down to the basement part of the pub, named Bunkier 42. For more info click here

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